General Dentist — Learn How Healthy Teeth Can Mean a Healthy You

Most people know that a general dentist can help with first impressions, because a nice smile makes a big difference. A confident, bright smile is a sign of vitality. There are many factors that can contribute to that wonderful smile.

The potential consequences of rotten teeth

Spreading to the rest of the mouth

Rotten teeth can ruin a smile. Not only will they look bad, but deteriorating teeth can also have serious medical consequences. The root cause of most health concerns regarding teeth is bacteria. When left unchecked, the acid produced by bacteria creates plaque that dissolves tooth enamel. As a general dentist will convey, cavities, tooth loss and gum infection may result.

Spreading to the rest of the body

Gum infection invokes an inflammatory response which can release inflammatory molecules into the blood stream, spreading inflammation elsewhere. Periodontitis has been linked to other inflammatory conditions like Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease and hypertension.

Benefits of dental care

Maintain healthier teeth through diet and dental regimen

Before learning how oral health can benefit overall health, it is important to know how healthy teeth can be achieved. Proper dental hygiene is key. Brushing twice a day, flossing regularly, and regular visits to a general dentist all play their part. Also, the observation that the relationship between oral health and general health is symbiotic is remarkably useful. For example, a healthy diet with lots of anti-inflammatory agents and vitamins will benefit both teeth and body.

Decrease inflammation

Keeping a healthy set of teeth and gums can prevent inflammation leaking into other areas of the body, reducing risk for all sorts inflammatory illness. Adults who do not have gingivitis score better than adults who do on cognitive tests involving memory. This echoes of the relationship between Alzheimer’s and periodontitis.

Diabetics with clean teeth are more likely to have stable blood sugar and pregnant women with clean teeth are more likely to carry their babies to full term. Rheumatoid arthritis is another condition which may be avoided through proper oral hygiene. These benefits are all reflective of the reduced inflammation which results from properly cleaning teeth and regularly visiting a general dentist.

Improved psychological outlook

Psychologically speaking, healthy teeth can make a massive difference for both men and women. For men a confident smile is a major attraction to would-be female mates. Women, who are terribly judgmental of each other, are more likely to give prominence in the group to the person who represents the ideal of beauty. Among the traits selected for are nice teeth.

It may be argued that the standard of nice teeth is socially constructed. This is irrelevant in this context. Success, which for men means selection by women, and which for women means promotion by other women into the position of having the right to select their desired man, greatly reduces anxiety. Furthermore, stress responses are known to increase inflammation which can worsen diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis.


The relationship between healthy teeth and a healthy individual is incredibly symbiotic. Working to clean teeth will prevent the gums from becoming inflamed. This in turn reduces the risk of spreading inflammation throughout the bloodstream. Inflammation flowing from the mouth can be source of all sorts of disease, such as coronary disease, rheumatoid arthritis and Alzheimer’s. On top of these medical benefits the confidence provided by a healthy, bright smile may be the catalyst for success in the Darwinian sense, which is a marker for psychological well being.

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