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Dental Veneers are porcelain restorations that require minimal preparation of the tooth. They are used to improve a tooth’s appearance and repair damage that has not weakened the tooth and caused it to need a crown. Veneers can mask a stain or discoloration on the tooth, repair wear or chipping on the biting edge of a tooth, close gaps between teeth and even camouflage crooked teeth to create the effect of instant orthodontics. Veneers are sometimes used to change the shade (color and whiteness) of teeth beyond what can be achieved by whitening. Veneers are much more conservative restorations than crowns. More natural tooth structure is preserved because the veneer only covers the front side and biting edge of a tooth and therefore much less preparation/reduction is needed. Depending on what problem the veneers is designed to correct, a veneer can be made as thin as 0.3 millimeters and only enough reduction is needed to accommodate the thin veneer. Veneers can also be made with tooth-colored filling material (composite) and is often the choice in a patient younger than twenty since their teeth have not fully erupted. Once the amount of tooth not covered by gum tissue is stable and not due to change from further eruption, a porcelain veneer is the optimal choice. The advantages of porcelain over composite include increased durability and wear resistance, resistance to staining and long-lasting color stability. Porcelain veneers, like crowns are indirect restorations. That is, the final porcelain veneer is made in a dental laboratory and therefore requires two appointments to restore the tooth. The first appointment is for preparation of the tooth, an impression of the reduced tooth and fabrication of a temporary veneer to wear while the laboratory creates the porcelain veneer. The second appointment is for bonding of the final porcelain veneer. If you want to learn more about dental veneers, we recommend that you call (949) 759-8606 to schedule an appointment. We are a provider of veneers and can let you know if they will help you to achieve the goals that you have for your smile.
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    What is a Dental Veneer?

    A veneer is a thin shell that is made out of porcelain or ceramic. The shade of the veneer, along with its shape and size will be made to match your surrounding teeth so that it blends in perfectly.

    How is a Dental Veneer Used?

    We can accomplish a variety of things using dental veneers. By placing veneers on top of the teeth, we can close gaps, make teeth even in length, cover dark stains and create a uniform looking smile. In this way, veneers can create a smile that rivals the most famous Hollywood stars. The nice thing is that you do not have to be famous to improve your smile. You simply need to call 949-759-8606 and schedule an appointment to see Dr. Smrecek.

    Newport Beach, California Veneers

    We also use dental veneers for restorations. When teeth become cracked, chipped or broken, a veneer can restore the tooth to its full functionality. As long as the tooth structure is intact, we can restore the appearance of a tooth while making it possible to eat and speak without feeling any discomfort.

    The Procedure

    When patients visit our Smrecek Dentistry offices, we will take an impression of their teeth to create the veneers in a lab. The veneers will match the size, shape, and color of your teeth, taking a week or more to create. In order to place dental veneers, we will first prepare your tooth by removing a portion of the enamel. This helps the veneer lay flat and in line with your gum tissue. After preparing the tooth, we will secure a temporary veneer using removable glue. While wearing a temporary veneer, it is important to brush your teeth gently and avoid eating any foods that may push it out of place. Since it is secured by removable glue, it can be moved fairly easily. When your permanent veneers are ready, you will come back into our Smrecek Dentistry offices so that we can remove the temporary and ensure that the new veneer is a perfect fit. It is typically attached using a water based solution to see how it looks. If any adjustments need to be made, it will be done at this time. Otherwise, the tooth will be cleaned, and the dental veneer will be bonded to the tooth. Patients will enjoy how the results look. They are instant, and you can start flashing your smile right away.

    After the Procedure

    Your teeth will typically be sore for a few days after the preparation phase and after placing the permanent veneers. During this time, you can take pain medication to help you stay comfortable. Patients can also benefit from getting rest and using a cold compress to reduce any swelling. We recommend that patients watch what they eat for a few days and stick with foods that are soft. While there is a short recovery time when getting veneers, the procedure is entirely worth it because in the end, you will have a beautiful smile.

    Benefits of Dental Veneers

    One main benefit of veneers that patients enjoy is how the veneers make their teeth look. This procedure is an excellent solution, since the veneers can transform your smile into one that looks perfect and beautiful. The veneer uses your natural teeth, so there is no need for surgery, and the recovery time is reduced. Since the veneers are made to match your other teeth, they will look natural, and no one will be able to tell that you had any cosmetic dentistry work completed. Another benefit is that they are made out of a stain-resistant material. This means that your teeth will stay whiter and brighter, even if your favorite beverage is a hot cup of coffee. We can use dental veneers to transform your smile.

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    Definition of Cosmetic Dentistry Terminology
    An allograft is a graft of tissue from a donor within the same species as the patient that is not a genetic relative.
    Alveolar Ridge
    The alveolar ridge is the bony ridge for one of the jaw ridges located on the roof of the mouth or on the bottom of the mouth.
    An autograft is a graft of tissue from one portion of an individual’s body to another.
    Bleachorexia is when people continue to abuse teeth whitening solutions without consulting professionals, causing significant damage to their enamel and gums in the process.
    Cap Splint
    A cap splint is a plastic or metallic device that professionals may use to treat mandible or maxillary fractures and cover crowns of teeth.
    Cosmetic Dentistry
    Cosmetic dentistry is generally used to refer to any dental work that improves the appearance (though not necessarily the function) of a person’s teeth, gums and/or bite.
    Crown Lengthening
    Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure that increases the extent of a tooth structure for restorative or esthetic purposes.
    Dental Crown
    A crown is an artificial tooth, usually consisting of porcelain, which covers the top of the implant to provide people with an aesthetically pleasing and fully-functional tooth.
    Dentin Hypersensitivity
    Dentin hypersensitivity is when the enamel wears down on the tooth enough that the dentin faces exposure and will cause great levels of pain when a person applies pressure to the tooth or drinks hot/cold beverages.
    A dentist, also known as a dental surgeon, is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and conditions of the oral cavity.
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